Coffin Bay Ettiquette

We hope you enjoy your time here in Coffin Bay.  Unwind, relax and enjoy our unique Coffin Bay lifestyle.

We ask that you consider these points while visiting…

The speed limit within the town is 50km/h.  Be mindful, particularly during school holidays, of children in the area and our wonderful roaming wildlife.  Injured wildlife can be reported to National Parks (08) 8688 3111

Take rubbish to the nearest public rubbish bin or if it happens to be full, please take it with you.

Be aware that the Coffin Bay Boat Ramp is a working boat ramp.  Oyster growers, local professional fisherman and tour operators come and go throughout the day.   Please plan to be organised before launching or allow these vessels first access to the boat ramp.  There are designated parks for cars only, if you are not towing a trailer.

Kind Regards

Coffin Bay Tourist Association