Top 10 Must See and Do

10 things for you and your family to do before you leave Coffin Bay.

Activities for Adults

  1. Try an oyster and/or oyster pie
  2. Walk the Oyster Walk. See if you can find the only blue interpretative sign
  3. Go fishing
  4. Visit the Coffin Bay National Park – See Point Avoid, Almonta Beach, Golden Island and Yangie Bay, all via sealed roads
  5. Play at least one of the following Р golf, lawn bowls or tennis
  6. Walk along Long Beach
  7. Enjoy a family day on Almonta Beach
  8. Visit Mount Dutton Bay and Farm Beach
  9. Visit Greenly Beach and Frenchman
  10. Visit Koppio Museum

Activities for Children

  1. Make sand castles on the beach and draw and write in the sand
  2. Go swimming/paddling
  3. Checkout the two public playgrounds. The Coffin Bay Caravan Park also has a playground, which is only available to caravan park guests
  4. Collect shells, etc. along the beaches
  5. Roll down a sand hill
  6. Go fishing
  7. Walk along the Oyster Walk
  8. Visit the skate park at Morgan Reserve, next to the oval.
  9. Enjoy an ice-cream in a cone
  10. Feed the pelicans

If you do not get time to try everything on these lists this trip, perhaps on you could do so on your next trip here. We may have more for you to see and experience by then.

For more information, contact the Coffin Bay Tourist Assocation