Our Neighbours

Kellidie Bay

Kellidie Bay features beach shacks located on the western shore and is the bay where the native Coffin Bay oysters were first dredged in the mid 1800’s and early 1900’s. The south-eastern end is where the first settlement Oystertown arose.  The bay is the home to modern oyster leases and on shore operations.


Established in the late 1800’s to service the local community, Wangary today houses the Lake Wangary Primary School and Lake Wangary Pre-school, which caters for the surrounding area.  Also, you will find the lovely Anglican church built in 1900 with it’s bell tower, the ruins of the old Post Office, Coach House, Bakery and the old Hotel built in 1871 – no longer licenced.

Wangary is home to the Marble Range Community and Sporting Centre with oval, tennis and basketball courts.

Mount Dutton Bay

Situated to the west of Wangary is Mount Dutton Bay, now with a modern boat ramp and a heritage listed jetty and a wool shed built in 1875 that is now a museum/art gallery and cafe. There are also a number of permanent and holiday homes along its shores.

Farm Beach

The trip to Farm Beach is worthwhile. It offers a spectacular beach with a nearby camping ground and tractor park. The beach is usually firm enough to drive on and ideal for boat launching in the summer months. It is also a great spot for picnics and beach or rock fishing. A scenic 4 km drive north along the cliff tops will take you to Gallipoli Beach where the movie “Gallipoli” starring Mel Gibson was filmed in 1981.

Winter Excursions - Explore the West Coast

Winter Excursions – Explore the West Coast, Eyre Peninsula

Little Douglas

Originally a fishermen’s settlement, Little Douglas lies near the opening between Coffin Bay and Port Douglas. Being close to the main oyster leases, it has, in recent years seen land based oyster facilities established.

Most professional crab and line fisherman also launch here. It features a protected little bay with views across the water revealing the extensive oyster leases, the main shipping channel and the Coffin Bay National Park and Peninsula with Point Longnose being prominent.