Helpful Local Information

We hope you enjoy your time here in Coffin Bay, and that the points listed below assist you in your stay…

Speed Limit – The speed limit is 50 km/h within the town.  Be mindful, particularly during school holidays, of children in the area and our wonderful roaming wildlife.

Injured wildlife can be reported to National Parks 08 8688 3111

The following link will direct you to the National Parks page regarding injured wildlife Injured Wildlife National Parks SA

Rubbish – As in many small towns, rubbish can be quite an issue through the busy season.  We ask that rubbish be placed in the nearest public rubbish bin or if it happens to be full, please take it with you.

Refundable Cans and Bottles – Please drop your 10 cent cans and bottles in the trailer provided at the Coffin Bay Community Hall, corner of Harder Street  & Esplanade.  All proceeds support the children of the Lake Wangary Primary School. Much appreciated!

Coffin Bay Boat Ramp

Coffin Bay Boat Ramp

Coffin Bay Boat Ramp – Fish filleting station, public toilets, caravan dump site, picnic/bbq spot with a lawned area are located here along with being a busy, working boat ramp.  Oyster growers, local professional fisherman and tour operators come and go throughout the day.

Please plan to be organised before launching or allow these vessels first access to the boat ramp.  There are designated parks for cars only, if you are not towing a trailer.

Wildlife – The wildlife roams freely throughout the town, day and night, so please drive with care.  Keep an eye out for snakes, goannas and sleepy lizards which like to warm themselves on the road.  Kangaroos and emus with their broods of chicks, provide plenty of photo opportunities.  Fur seals can also be spotted in the bay.  Bear in mind to approach with caution, as they are wild creatures.

Wi-Fi & Phone Networks – Free Wi – Fi is available on the Coffin Bay foreshore. Unfortunately, not all mobile phone networks work in country areas.  Telstra or Optus networks offer best mobile coverage for country/regional areas.

Days of Catastrophic Fire Danger – The Coffin Bay Yacht Club, Last Resort Refuge, will be OPEN to the community by 10am on days of CATASTROPHIC fire ratings to provide a place of shelter for those that need it, particularly if there are power outages.

Bring only yourselves and small essentials, such as snacks and medication.  Unfortunately, the club is not able to accommodate pets.

Refuge of Last Resort - Coffin Bay Yacht Club

Refuge of Last Resort – Coffin Bay Yacht Club