COFFIN BAY OYSTERS, give them a try!

If you have never tried an oyster, you are missing out!

The best time to enjoy oysters is from late autumn through to spring as this is generally prime time in their life cycle. Oysters are richer in flavour and plumper, due to the cooler temperatures.

To get the full flavour experience when eating an oyster, chewing is essential!  Not only does this allow for a taste sensation, but you also gain a feel of texture to this aquatic delicacy. For the full eating experience, cup the shell in your hand and gently slide the meat into your mouth. This is not an experience to be rushed. Take a moment to savour the sweetness and flavours of the sea.

Oysters can be safely eaten all year round!  Just remember, they are an all-natural product so there may be variations of flavour, colour and even textures from bay to bay and different times of the year.

Happy slurping!

TOP TIPS to eat an oyster…

Shucking for a beginner can be a little tricky and needs to be tackled safely!  For hand protection and preservation, it is best to use gloves or a tea towel and anchor the oyster on a chopping board for support. This allows for better grip on the oyster for a clean, safe, shuck. The aim is to manoeuvre the knife between the lid and the cup at about 2 o’clock on the oyster, with the hinge (pointed end) facing toward you.  Gently slide the knife down the inside of the lid to cut the oyster muscle and remove the lid.

Oyster shucking

Oyster Sucking courtesy of Experience Coffin Bay

If you are serving yourself a plate of natural oysters, simple flavours are best.  Pairing oysters with a light squeeze of lemon and the optional pinch of black pepper compliments the salty sea flavours beautifully.

You wouldn’t believe it, but the topping choices for oysters are endless! From Asian flavours like wasabi, soy sauce, sweet chili or tabasco on a natural oyster, to a cooked “good ole mornay white sauce” style. And we can’t forget a crowd pleaser and all-time favourite… Kilpatrick!

Cooking tip… Fry the chopped bacon first!  Then mix fried bacon in a bowl with a good dollop of tomato sauce and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.  Place a small spoonful of mixture on top of the natural oyster, then finish off with a quick cook under the grill before serving… delicious!

[Don’t be alarmed if the heated oyster shell crackles and pops in the grill.. its quite normal and won’t harm your meal]

How to STORE your purchased oysters…

Keep your live, un-shucked, fully intact oysters stored under 10ºcelsius from purchase. Because they are a perishable product, it is crucial for them to be kept refrigerated to ensure healthy future eating.

Once shucked, cover the oysters and refrigerate them below 5ºcelsius until they are consumed.

Fresh oysters are best enjoyed 7 – 10 days from date of harvest unless you are freezing them. Frozen oysters must be eaten or cooked immediately once thawed.

Dispose of your oyster shells thoughtfully.  Although oyster shells take years to fully decompose, crushing them and adding them to garden soil can provide lots of nutrients to soil. This creates an environmentally friendly recyclable solution for the empty shells.


Sample oysters as you journey around the “The Wild Side” Eyre Peninsula!  Just like wine, oysters have their own unique taste derived from the area grown.  Try oysters at Cowell, Streaky Bay, Smoky Bay and Ceduna and see if your eyes (check out the shell too) and your taste buds can pick the difference.

Freshly shucked oyster

A freshly shucked oyster straight from the sea

Where to EXPERIENCE OYSTERS in Coffin Bay…    

You can buy yourself a few dozen from the local oyster sheds “shell-a-door sales” and cafes.

Coffin Bay has its very own oyster vending machine located on the path of the entrance to Oyster HQ!!

Local restaurants offer a range of toppings to amaze!  For a full oyster experience, take an oyster tour and get a feel for life as an oyster grower first hand!

Online sales are now available from many local oyster growers to various locations throughout Australia.

Oyster Leases, Coffin Bay

Oyster Leases courtesy of Experience Coffin Bay

Did You Know…

Coffin Bay is home to 129 lease areas covering 179.72 hectares of water.  That is quite a few million oysters awaiting your taste buds!

Eating an oyster can give your body and immune system a super boost!  Farmed pacific oysters have naturally high levels of many nutrients which contribute to a healthy lifestyle. They are a particularly great source of omega-3 fatty acids which can reduce the risk of heart disease and arthritis symptoms, also a source of iron if you happen to be iron deficient! And finally, oysters are a source of magnesium which helps maintain muscle and nerve function. With all these body benefits, you’d be crazy not to try them!

Coffin Bay oysters are recognised internationally for quality, flavour and size. The waterways surrounding Coffin Bay are constantly being nourished from the nutrient-rich seawater and up welling from the Southern Ocean. Combined with low population, the environment is clean and unpolluted.

The local industry prides itself on consistently producing the best oysters for the marketplace. Careful attention is paid to the quality and integrity of the product, with both the industry and Government supporting the South Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program – a water testing program that meets the standards of the Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program, is AQIS endorsed and based upon USFDA guidelines.

Early morning on an oyster lease, Coffin Bay

Early morning on an oyster lease, Coffin Bay