Pure Coffin Bay Oysters

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9 Martindale Street 
Coffin Bay SA 5607




We love it! We love growing oysters!

It’s not a job for us coming to the farm to look after our oysters. Shells full of delicate oyster meat with that crisp salty taste.

Clean fresh air, pure clear waters and pristine landscape everywhere you turn, what a workplace.

After 19 years you would think the novelty would have worn off. With the change of seasons and the constant challenge of the environment that we work in, everything is different every day.

Farming practices evolve and change constantly as we strive to produce that best possible oyster for you to enjoy.

Don’t forget our oysters are grown just as nature intended.
We don’t feed them they just graze off all the nutrient packed waters that flow into Coffin Bay.


How about a close up look at those World Famous Coffin Bay Oysters. How we grow them, the boat, all the equipment and talking first hand with the farmers.
Tour concludes with a taste of those wonderful pure Coffin Bay oysters. Have you ever wanted to know how to open oysters so you can buy them fresh, take them home and enjoy that fresh ocean taste.
You won’t eat them any other way after this experience, freshly shucked, not rinsed-off, so they taste naturally from the sea exactly how they should.
Tours are land based only and are by appointment only: Minimum 4 adults. Adults $25. Children free.

Freshly shucked oysters harvested daily and available for purchase.